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About PR euroCHEM

Founded in 1998 and located at Ballyvolane Business Park, Cork, Ireland, the PR euroCHEM laboratories are sited in the heart of the burgeoning Irish Pharmachem Industry.

As a high-tech, start up Company we have been generously assisted by Irish Government Development Agencies and by private investment, in the creation of a state-of-the-art facility, staffed by highly-qualified and enthusiastic personnel, and dedicated to the provision of R&D and organic synthesis services to the Fine Chemicals and Pharmachem Industries.


PR euroCHEM has already secured important contracts with major European Pharmachem Companies and is developing its marketing network in the USA and Pacific Rim countries.

To date we have worked with major companies in France, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, USA and Japan. In addition to producing a full range of services, we also specialise in the isolation and synthesis of products, including Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Prostaglandins Intermediates, Iophenoxic acid Derivatives and Metabolities.

Our success has already been recognised through awards from Enterprise Ireland, South Cork Enterprise Board, Cork based European Community Business Innovation Centre and The Irish Industrial Development Agencies. PR euroCHEM has also been nominated for the National Enterprise Award.


We are always on the look-our for exceptional people genuinely interested in the art of chemistry and able to contribute to the spirit of innovation and excellence we foster at PR euroCHEM. If you feel you would like to work in a challenging and rewarding environment, please drop us a line.

We are dedicated to the belief that clean and safe technology is good business. Our continuing emphasis is on the safe handling of hazardous and potentially environmentally damaging reactions by focusing on novel and innovative routes of chemical synthesis. We offer our customers a professional custom synthesis and process development service enabling the control of fast and energetic reactions and handling of unstable and toxic intermediates. Each project is preceded by a full hazard analysis, and where necessary, dedicated facilities are constructed to customers requirements. We will be delighted to discuss your special needs with you.

About our skills see our papers, patents and conferences...

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